Privacy Policy

About Leon Bet Privacy Policy

1. We treat personal customer data responsibly and monitor the following aspects of its use:

  • Personal customer data must be used for specific and legitimate purposes;
  • The personal information of players should be correct and appropriate;
  • All customer data must be handled fairly and lawfully;
  • All information should be accurate and up-to-date;
  • All players’ personal data is encrypted and secure;
  • Personal information should not be stored by the site more than necessary for the purpose.

2. Cases in which we are entitled to pass on customer information to third parties:

  • The information has been requested by the regulator;
  • The information must be provided subject to the current provisions of Applicable Law;
  • In order to investigate account activity. Investigations may also be carried out by our business partners in which case we will be required to provide them with personal customer information.

3. We do not store details from players’ payment system accounts. We only use personal data to notify our customers of key news. The customer has the full right to unsubscribe from all newsletters. 

4. When we pass on any customer information to outsiders, we always encrypt it. Any customer data can only be accessed through technical and operational barriers.

5. We use the latest password protection systems on our website. It’s thanks to these that fraudsters can’t get hold of customers’ personal data and steal their accounts.

6. We currently use cookies on our website for the following purposes:

  • Maintaining the user’s session on the site. Without them the player would have to periodically reload their account;
  • Identifying the account and using it for all mailings;
  • Analyzing the players’ preferences in order to improve the website and the application in the future.