Leon Bet Withdrawal Time, Rules, Methods and Limits in Brazil

Many people are aware of gambling these days but are afraid to enter the industry for fear of being cheated out of their withdrawals. Leon Bet is a fully licensed and bona fide gambling house that accepts players from Brazil and you can find all the withdrawal information you need on this page.

How to Withdraw Money from Leon Bet?

Withdrawing money is a simple procedure, but inexperienced users may encounter problems. We have compiled the instructions below specifically for these players.

1 Login to your Leon Bet account

To do so, just tap on the appropriate option at the top bar. Then fill in the blank fields, which you used to create your profile.

2 Start the withdrawal procedure

To do that the player will have to click on the withdrawal button at the top of the screen.

3 Fill in the details

Now enter the withdrawal amount, fill in the account information of the payment system and agree to the transaction.

Leon Bet Withdrawal Methods

Leon Bet currently offers a wide range of different payment systems on its website. The table below provides basic information about them.

Payment SystemMinimal Withdrawal AmountWithdrawal TimeCommission
Google Pay30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo
Cryptocurrency30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo
Mastercard30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo
Visa30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo
UPI30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo
Interac30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo
Neteller30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo
Skrull30 R$From 15 minutes to 7 daysNo

Leon Bet Withdrawal Rules

In order to protect ourselves from cheaters and unscrupulous players, we have developed a set of rules to which all our customers are subject. They are of a protective nature and if a player is not willing to abide by them, it is best not to register an account with us. Leon Bet withdrawal rules and conditions can be found below:

  • We may withhold your withdrawal if we notice any suspicious activity in your account. In such a case, we will ask for certain documentation to verify your identity. This can be a copy of a passport, registration or even a utility bill.
  • If the client wants to withdraw money to an account that has not been used to make a deposit, we will send the money to the payment system account that was used to make the deposit.
  • All funds deposited from friends, family or third-party accounts are invalid. You may only play with your own funds. We will not allow the customer to withdraw money from the account of another person.

For all withdrawals where currency needs to be converted, it is accounted at the current exchange rate on the international currency market.


The website says it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 7 days to withdraw, what does this depend on?

The withdrawal time depends on the current load on the site. If a large number of clients are withdrawing at a given time, the waiting time may take several days.

I can’t figure out some aspects of making a deposit on Leon Bet, what should I do?

In this case, the player can contact our customer service. Simply write to the Live Chat with your question. After a while, a Leon Bet employee will look into your problem and suggest a possible solution.

How do I keep up to date with the latest Leon Bet news?

Staying up to date with the latest Leon Bet news will be easy with our blog. Here we publish all the highlights from the sports and casino industry. Our client can also activate the notifications that will be popped up on your computer and app.

Does Leon Bet charge a fee if a player withdraws money from his account?

In most cases, they do not. In most situations, you will be charged by the payment system you use. We can only charge you if you have made a deposit to your account and you have not withdrawn any money.

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