Responsible Gambling

We are a customer-oriented company and we want our players to never have a problem with gambling. When starting to gamble, any player should take responsibility for gambling with any amount of money. On this page, you will find information on what we can do to prevent gambling addiction among our customers.

How to Avoid Gambling Addiction?

In order to prevent our customers from developing a gambling addiction, we have implemented special features on our website. These can be found below:

  1. The player can set his own deposit and withdrawal limits;
  2. The customer can set betting limits;
  3. There is a self-exclusion option;
  4. We do not accept underage players on our website;
  5. Our website and app contain links to organisations that help combat gambling addiction.

Enrolment limits

Daily, weekly or even monthly deposit limits can be set by the player in the account settings. Once a client has set a limit, it can only be changed after 24 hours.  Reducing the limits is available at any time. Immediately after registering the account, the player does not have any limits and they can be set immediately.

Betting Limits

The betting limit is a specific limit on the amount a player can bet. Daily, weekly or monthly limits can be set. This function is convenient for rational players who like to use their money rationally. You can decrease the limits at any time, and increase them after 24 hours.


Sometimes there are times when a player wants to take a break from betting and casino play. This feature is designed just for such customers. With this feature, you can prohibit yourself from depositing money on the Leon Bet website for a period of 6 months. 

To use the self-exclusion feature, simply go to the “Deposit Restrictions” page and select the “Block deposits to your account for 6 months” option. This is a powerful feature and can be used to test yourself for gambling addiction. If you have any questions about the self-exclusion option, you can contact technical support.

Comprehensive Self-exclusion

Comprehensive self-exclusion is a drastic measure by which a player can permanently withdraw from gambling or betting. The player has to fill in a special form and send it to us. After some time, our specialised customer self-exclusion committee will review the application and remove the player’s account permanently. Also after that, the player will not be able to play on websites licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission.

Access for Minor Players

We do not accept underage players on our website or app. It is completely forbidden and we periodically carry out checks. If a customer is found to be underage, the player’s account will be blocked and funds will be confiscated. Do not engage in such activities.

Keep your children away from betting and casino games if they are under the age of 18. There are even special systems in place to prevent children from accessing certain sites. These can be found on the websites Nanny ( and CyberPatrol (

Tips for Preventing Gambling Addiction

Most of our customers take casino games and bet rationally and only play with money they don’t mind losing, but gambling addiction can strike anyone. To prevent this, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • Play and bet for fun, not to make money;
  • Never gamble if you are going to make a deposit out of the last money you have left;
  • Keep a record of money spent and keep track of the timing of your gambling sessions;
  • Set deposit and betting limits;
  • Take occasional breaks from betting and playing casino games to prevent gambling addiction from developing.

If a player feels that he is having difficulty stopping, he should contact our support team. We can then restrict the player’s account for investigation. We also advise our customers to contact special organisations that deal with gambling addictions.

Organisations Working with Gambling Addiction

Many gamblers are afraid to approach such organisations, but in the case of gambling addiction, it is better to act early. Don’t worry, no one you know will find out about your addiction and they will just try to help you. Below are the main organisations that deal with gambling addicts.

Gambling Therapy

This company is international and works with gamblers from all over the world. it helps those players who are addicted to gambling and can’t stop.

Gamblers Anonymous

This company brings together gamblers who suffer from gambling addiction. They share their problems and try to help each other. They have their own website and can be contacted at


GamCare is currently based in the UK but can be contacted by any player. The organisation can provide advice and guidance on what to do to recover from a gambling addiction. The website link is